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GeoCarbon is now part of Geo-Industrial S.A.

GeoCarbon jest teraz częścią spółki Geo-Industrial S.A.

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Our company was established in 1988 and we have been operating in the market of geological, geophysical, drilling and environment protection service market in Poland and abroad since then. We provide a comprehensive service, from ideas and designs, through material performance, to the documentation. Our employees have broad experience and hold necessary licenses and approvals. Our company has been comperating with scientific institutions, particularly with Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and AGH [University of Mining and Metallurgy] in Krakow, practically since the very beginning. The experienced personel, large and diverse equipment potential at our disposal allow us to perform wide scope and high quality works in relatively short time, thanks to appointing interdisciplinary teams to solve issues related to geology, geophysics, drilling, construction and environment protection. We specialize in extensive problem solution, from the design, through direct performance to handing over documentation.

We hold certificates and number of quality awards: