Deployment an event scenario.

From our Base in the heartland of the polish coal mining area we have from the start of our company in 1987 gained a reputation for our expertize in dealing with subsidence, foundation failure and underground cavity safety issues. We have been deploying specialized assessment and repair teams for over 3 decades. Now our deployment is for many types of events where the response can includes temporary or permanent building replacement, foundations, pillars and columns, wall and roof replacement or repair and containment barriers. First contact by phone or now e-mail will engage with our technical deployment teams within minutes. Deployment requires a fast but preplanned reaction the correct fasteners, foundations, formwork, tools and specialized equipment dispatched in hours. But the key to our success is our specialized team’s working with and supporting local


Bridge or Building Foundation failure including wall instability.

Underpinning failed foundation is the home of our helical piles technology instillation without vibration or creating the risk of damage by digging and endangering the structure further. Our Helical piles can be deployed within hours and give a permanent solution regardless of the size of the structure. Our light steel framing technology allows us to create the strongest of supports and formwork and when included with our Fast foot fabric allows us to have new or renovated concrete foundation and or walls designed and deployed in hours. Foundation don’t end at ground level pillars and column repair and replacement is achieved also with our formwork designed in high speed light steel when combined with our Fast-tube technology, buildings and bridges can be repaired while in operation or within a matter of days.


Types of deployment buildings.

After any event temporary or permanent buildings are required regardless whether teams are on site for days or months their efficiency is directly related to the environment they can work from. This is a double requirement if the event is an operational building that needs repair. After years of dealing with subsidence events and foundation failure it is the utilization and deployment of suitable buildings that quickly get situations under control. GeoDeploy by utilizing its high-speed light steel frame technology can have suitable buildings on site within hours. Medical centers, Isolation units, laboratories, workers quarters, houses apartments, schools classrooms, offices, can be shipped for local erection. Our deployment buildings and barriers come complete with all the tools for erection. If size and weight are an issue our packs and equipment can be carried by two men, will fit in the normal baggage sections of commercial aircraft and can be dropped from helicopter from 20 meters or under a parachute without damage.


Isolation units.

Under design our new low cost isolation unit will have features that are only available in high cost permanent unites. Development is on going to include all the suitable protection to include air born very highly contagious contamination protection. The features include double airlocks, thermal insulation, negative pressure, replacement wall floor and ceiling cladding. Contaminated waste systems. Like our other buildings regardless of the location or event you can get our buildings, foundations or barriers on site. Apart from our deployment packs all that is required is low to semi-skilled labor. Detailed picture-gram instructions are included. Any specialized equipment required is include with the necessary instructions (if deployment is via commercial air flight FUEL IS NOT SUPPLIED but it is specified and the required containers are clearly marked).