The GeoFraming panel and roof truss roll former systems have been in operation throughout the world for 15 years. To date have been used in the complete construction of  more than 2,000,000 single level homes, 900,000  double or triple level homes. Over 100,000 apartment blocks, hotels and offices up to 4 stories high including commercial buildings with roof spans up to 30 meters have been constructed. Used in conjunction with structural steel and or concrete, architects and engineers have been able to create designs limited only to their imagination. Not only structures but GeoFraming Light Steel frames are also used for renovation, concrete form work and heavy duty benches, shelves and tables.


Structures and Renovation.

All designed and engineered to all major international building codes.
Residential buildings.

  • Complete houses up to four stories high (greater heights require the use of concrete or steel reinforcing).
  • Floor trusses.
  • Roof trusses.

Commercial Buildings.

  • Complete buildings up to four stories high (greater heights require the use of concrete or steel reinforcing).
  • Extra long floor and roof spans.

Purpose built Buildings.

  • modular transportable buildings up to four stories high.
  • Temporary walls, floors and roof sections.
  • Short term site offices


Concrete Formwork.

Our system consist of prefabricated light steel beams and formwork modules. Modules are often no larger than 3 to 6 feet or 1 to 2 metres in size. The beams and formwork are typically set by hand and pinned, clipped, or screwed together. The advantages of our modular system are: does not require a crane to place the formwork, speed of construction with unskilled labor, formwork modules can be removed after concrete sets leaving only beams in place prior to achieving design strength. Regardless of the requiried shape our software can design the required formwork and have it manufactured on our rollformers in hours. Shipment is via flatpacks  and can be direch to the site. Specialized shapes are acivied by injected foam.


Small Items.

DIY industrial furniture and Messene floors and sheds. Within industry and the commercial environment we at GeoFraming responded to the development of heavy duty bespoke designed work furniture. Tables, shelves, workbenches and mobile storage unit’s. Designed via our web interfaces exactly to the clients size requirements, measured to within millimeter’s load carrying capacities in ton’s. Manufactured and shipped flat packed with all the required fasteners on the same day. Small buildings and internal Messene floors and offices your shape, your requirement turning wasted warehouse space into valuable office or storage units