Project Design scope.

The scope of the project must be determined with the client. Clients by their nature will have completely different audiences for the finial reports. Clarifying the needs of the client is paramount to obtaining results in suitable formats.
Primary clients of Government, Mining companies or financial investors need reports that don’t require reinterpretation and therefore vulnerable to very costly mistakes. Within the design scope a clear understanding of timetables and decisions points and the report types are agreed.
GeoMinerals can act as the contractor or the controller for existing or past exploration projects. It is understood that for some exploration projects the client wishes to remain anonymous until positive results are obtained.
At the completion of the design scope a clear understanding of the timetable, the project outline and what stages are required, with the reports required at specific break points to keep the cost’s to the potential return in balance.


Preliminary surface exploration.

Preliminary exploration starts with research, old mines or exploration holes if they exist are investigated, geological and geophysical information about the general area will determine the best method to obtain an understanding of the underlying geology.This stage is to determine the possible presence of minable ore.
Some of the geophysical methods used are ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity tomography, gravity and or seismic investigation. Surface grid sampling of rock outcrops, rivers or streams, soils and gravel beds are analysis in collaboration with laboratories and scientific research units.
The results mapped into 3d imaging tools that clearly show the substrates readings obtained non-intrusive means.
GeoMinerals can act as the contractor or the controller of the preliminary surface exploration.The completion of this stage the reports should clarify if further exploration is required the potential possible return and costs.


Exploration Stage.

There is only so much information you can get from a surface survey. Ore bodies or carbon deposits by their nature are below ground and to get accurate samples core or hammer drilling, trenching, opening up and sampling old mines or resampling old exploration holes are the preferred methods. This can include underground drilling inside old or existing mines. Cores and samples are analyzed and mapped. The exploration stage reports will indicate the size shape and extent of the deposit including the mineral grades, both the average, high and low distribution. GeoMinerals can act as the contractor or the controller of the exploration. The completion of this stage will define the possible extraction and refining of the mineral or minerals.


Feasibility of extraction and refining.  

Having the ore however does not guarantee how much of the mineral you can successfully extract nor the loss within the refining process. GeoMinerals can provide wide variety extraction methods for the recovery of bulk samples and the refining of the sample from the deposit. Depending on the mineral if economic recovery is more than gravity, leaching or centrifuge the sample is freighted to a production facility or test plant. This can include a test facility purposely built at a university. Detailed reports on the size of the deposit or field, the cost of extraction and refining, the tonnage or barrels that can be produced over a time period give the clients a clear understanding of the potential rewards. GeoCarbon in conjunction with its partners can complete this important but sometimes overlooked aspect of mineral exploration.